Monday, 14 May 2012

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Zurker is the new revolution to the Social Networking industry. It is because unlike Facebook, it does not get hold of every earning they generate from the users. Rather it gives you an share of the earning via shares which will keep on increasing as time goes on and more and more members join the site. So, by joining and referring more members, you are profiting yourself. Lets get into detail of the new Social network revolutionary ‘Zurker.’

Zurker which is owned by some intelligent minds in the Silicon Valley have found out the way to beat Facebook in competition, which even Google Plus could not. And it is because the social network competiton has made it do like that. Zurker is the new way of succeeding the market. So, earlier you join, you get the most profit as well as the slice of the pie it will generate in the near future, which zurker calls as the Vshares.

As Zurker’s page says, it is driven by us, “The Users” and a full democracy is maintained. In Zurker the only thing is to build a great platform for the people and make the web a great place to interact with a sole focus on people. This is because social networks are churning up the user interest to money, why not we the users get the most out of it and get some of the earning. So, in real terms what made Facebook great, that can be made by us-the only huge difference being we getting the earning from it as it gets valuable more and more.

So, the bottomline of Zurker is get in the deal by joining Zurker, refer friends, and by making them your referral you get vshares which will get more valuable as time passes and the site gets more priceworthy. Zurker is in the early stages. SO, it needs our cooperation.

Also, the future social network “Zurker” can now only be joined via a invitation. So, join by clicking the link below and be a part of the great Zurker team. Remember that validate your email after the registration otherwise your registration wont count.

So u already know that facebook ceo and founder Mark Zuckerberg has stolen the idea of facebook from two twin brother in harvard university in 2001..... later on the Winklevoss twins Sued FB and got 65 million dollar in 2007.
In 2009 they started a new project (ZURKER) and launched the beta version in dec 2011
One can join it now and become a share holder of this website.
This rocking feature of share is added by them...
Currently there are thousands of member joining this web site in uk alone per day.
Totally free , new features than facebook and g+
Join today and become share holder now from india dont use different country ip to join because as beta it is limited to 7 country only. facebook worth 50 billion today but its users getting 0% . so this new idea is invoked by the twin... And its really Good!
Click on the below link to join.. you can only join on referral ("Dont take it as a spam or money making site")

<Refferal or invitation is required>

Click To Join Zurker : Link : ""

Saturday, 12 May 2012


JAY HO !! Peoples Are Waking Up !! Jago Bhartya Jago !!

.....सत्यमेव जयते (Satyamev Jayate).........