Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be understood in simple language as It having Front & Rear Ends. Front end deals with user & rear end is the cloud section of the system or server & these two ends are connected through network ‘Internet’. Cloud computing for mobile is very attractive, appealing & booming trend. The main benefit is that mobile have its own features related with size, battery life, weight with hardware & software developments. Today’s mobile devices run with 1 GHz processor. So, the unnecessary features can be avoided by achieving cloud computing. Cloud computing allows mobile devices to avoid unnecessary features by performing some of the time consuming & hard tasks be performed on systems and the result is send to the mobile device. It means that if we haven’t included a particular constraint with the mobile device though we can add this feature virtually by using mobile cloud computing. Mobile cloud computing will change ‘application download and usage‘completely. If you want to develop iPhone app, time required is more but, mobile cloud computing will make the entire app access process faster & easier for Smartphone users & simply by getting to the web they will be able to access a mobile application. User perception of cloud computing performance relies on minimizing the overall delay response of these applications. The main contributing factors are: • Data center Processing Time • Processing time required on device • Network latency • Data transport time There are certain issues & challenges in mobile computing; also solutions on these issues are coming up! High research is going on & in the nearest 3-5 years we will get amaze because of the high growth of the technology.


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